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150621 Apgujeong Fansign

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K-Sone here.

First of all, provide a distinction between international and korean fans.

International fans are quite delusional in a sense that they go wild in their imagination and they don’t cover their thoughts from roaming one place to another without any boundaries. They are heavily based on emotions that control their lack of objectiveness and ability to believe in everything that is written on the internet, especially if it is something they want to hear. I know it’s not all international fans, but the majority.

Likewise, yes there are korean fans who are delusional and full of imagination, but a majority of korean fans look only at their specific idol and no one else. They are objective in favor for their idol and will do anything to shield their idol from rumors. Korean fans do not believe that they have a chance with their idols (lol) and they know they won’t be dating them, etc.

However, you guys must take in to consideration that in the culture of Kpop, idols are nothing without their fans. The type of possessiveness that korean fans have over their idol is the knowledge knowing that they (the fans) were the ones who raised their idols to the top and to success. I discussed this before, but many top idols were able to succeed on music and album charts with horrible songs because their fans supported them.

Many international fans mock korean fans thinking that they are delusional for their “oppas” and that they are crazy etc, but understand that it’s not the same delusions as international fans where imagination runs wild, rather it’s sort of a possessiveness that resembles an overly protective mother over her child; the mentality is : I raised them, so I get to have a say in their lives (*** to clarify, I mean that fans feel that they have a say in the idol’s CAREER LIFE and not personal life.. that’s what the idols’ real parents do hahaha ;) )

Now, to the main point, right now it is all a blur. Since Taeyeon is the 5th member to officially confirm dating rumors and scandals, it’s not as rough as exo fans. Moreover, being a fan of Taeyeon for 8 years, fans have seen everything and are worried about the upcoming sm concert with the other idols’ fans and taetiseo comeback. However, that does not refrain the fans from expressing their opinions and feelings of anger towards Taeyeon’s actions. I mentioned before, but fans aren’t upset that taeyeon is dating. The fact that her IG account and past behaviors showed her lack of respect towards fans and the perception of fans as being naive or dumb is what angers the fans. Again, the fans have every right to feel this way and aren’t simply being delusional because like I mentioned above, these are the same fans that had raised Taeyeon to her popularity.

However, the way I see it, after some time Taeyeon will be fine. Perhaps new fans of Taeyeon may leave her, but the fans who have been with her from the start or from the earlier days (which is the majority) will probably continue to support her nonetheless, after their emotions and feeling of anger have subsided. Like a parent who is disappointed with their child, despite feeling anger and bitterness, the connection and love/support you have for that child is still there. Likewise, those committed Taeyeon fans will comeback, although a bit weary and suspicious of some of Taeyeon’s actions (since this scandal involved toying with the trust of fans through SNS), the fans will remain. Same goes for the overall fans of SNSD.

I can’t say the same for EXO as I am not too involved (or shall I say I don’t want to get involved since it’s a headache) with their fandom. However, EXO as a group will be fine as committed fans will remain. Yes, baekhyun will get hate from the fans, but in the end his committed fans will continue to support him (as they are doing right now on korean sites), and fans of exo will continue to support the group in the end.


Hate Taeyeon all you want, but she still gets the d..

..i mean b, baekhyun. hahahaha.

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if you dont support your idol when they’re in a relationship, you weren’t a fan to begin with. 

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